Dakar Gallery

Dakar Lounge

What is Dakar?

Dakar is a decentralized, co-creation, Green 3D-NFT auction house. We are focused on delivering Gamefi/Metafi capabilities to art suction house native collectibles.

Dakar aims to deliver a dynamic UX/UI experience for rare digital art collectibles and Game-fi. Dakar was inspired by the idea of NFTs coupled with 3D printable NFT art. You own and can print it out at your leisure. Dakar's mission is to be the first Metafi Auction house in the Metaverse. A condominium of galleries with autonomous community governance.

Why is Dakar's protocol unique?

Dakar is a creator-centric NFT marketplace that is starting as a boutique auction house for rare and exceptional art. As a small, coveted, crypto-native auction house we curate on a fine artist level and provide and or facilitate a full range of advisory and agency services.

We are currently nurturing a medium loft of artists, physical-to-digital and digital-native art. American Contemporary, Palestinian Modern Art, and Haitian Modern Contemporary Art. We are artists and designers that believe in the magic of art and the law of code.

Tagan Horton and Muhammad Hameed are co-founding members of Dakar. As the first active investor, Ms. Horton has charted the helm leveraging several interim Web3 executive members, co-founding boards. And a soft Web3 advisory member committee that consists of the best mentorship from the leading minds in Web3 such as, Gitcoin, and Ethereum.

Dakar aims to be a Goveraned NFT protocol and Art auction house built upon human-centered design, Web3 technology, and decentralized philosophy. Dakar does not have a Web2 corporate structure. Dakar Defi structure is being withheld until after the NFT Art house token event. Then structure will be determined based on the Web3 community and actionable deliverables.

How are 3D NFTs engineered designed?

Dakar's unique NFT design ******uses Ethereum ERC-721 NFTs and IPFS technology to frame a dynamic Art and design NFT experience.