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Dakar aims to be the 1st NFT Art Auction House with a Native Digital Collectible. (NDC)

Bienvenue, Dakar Gallery is a team of artists, designers, and engineers. We facilitate cutting-edge NFT use cases for art, film, gaming, media, and music.

Checkin for Feb 2022. We are preparing for our first NFT auction in March 2022. Our first auction as a Fine Artists NFT auction house will not be held on Dakar NFT platform. We Anticipate our platform soft launch around summer 2022.

We are also co-designing and curating the first met-fi gaming NFT collectibles with Opera Sneaker arts fund. Learn more about this amazing collaboration and join our email list for updates.

“Dakar”, is a crypto-native fine art house. We are excited to bring mintable, 3D printable art and Art house native art collectibles to the fine art world.

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Find research on green NFTs here.

Bon voyage à Dakar!

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